About the Authors

Kevin Schaaf is a writer, researcher, and Ph.D. student in social research methods at UCLA’s School of Education & Information Studies.  He taught elementary school for 9 years, worked as a policy analyst, holds a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Public Policy, and is the father of four children.

Glory Tobiason is an ESL teacher who recently left the front lines to pursue a Ph.D in social research methodology.  She hopes to help “bridge the gap” between classrooms and policy through relevant, reflective education research.  Not a day goes by that she doesn’t miss her students and fellow teachers, who are the inspiration for this foray into academia.

Melissa Goodnight is an educator, fieldworker and editor who has worked on education-related issues in Jamaica, India and the United States. She is pursuing a doctorate in comparative education at UCLA.  Her research focuses on social justice philosophies of education and their application to curriculum, teacher training, school evaluation, and reform.

Megan Kuhfeld is a Ph.D. student in education who focuses on quantitative research methods and measurement. She previously worked for the non-profit research center Child Trends and became interested improving how we measure teacher quality and school contexts.

Talia Stol is a Ph.D. student in education, focusing on collaborative approaches to program evaluation for education and non-profit organizations. She worked as a teacher, admissions counselor, and teacher placement specialist before returning to grad school to pursue a Master’s in comparative education and now a doctorate in social research methodology.

Talia Carroll is a Ph.D. candidate in higher education at The Pennsylvania State University. She feels particularly drawn to learning more about how pre-service teachers are prepared to work in contexts dissimilar to the ones in which they were educated. She’s served on a teaching team for the Philadelphia Urban Seminar, an intensive, urban immersion experience for pre-service teachers at Penn State for four years.

Geeta Aneja is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Linguistics at University of Pennsylvania, focusing on discourses of native speakerism and their effects on the development of pre-service teachers’ professional selves. She is also working on a project examining the benefits of translingual pedagogies for international MA TESOL students.

Constantin Schreiber is a Ph.D. student in Educational Policy and Evaluation at Arizona State University. His current teaching and research focuses on the relationship between communities and schools, school choice, and immigrant education. Constantin has worked as an ESL instructor, obtained Masters degrees in Linguistics & TESOL and in International Affairs, and is currently one of two Executive Editors for the open-access academic journal Current Issues in Education.

Adrienne Williams a first grade teacher in Washington, who was able to follow her dream through an alternative teaching program sponsored by the Urban Teacher Center. She works at a charter school in D.C. and aspires to travel the world one day and study education so that she may return to the U.S. with a breath of fresh air and serve as a catalyst for change in American education.


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