Billion Dollar Disaster


Reporting from the Frontlines of LAUSD’s iPad rollout, here is an update from
Sue Denim: LAUSD 7th Grader

Back in October, everyone was excited to get the iPads. Then the date got changed to January and then changed again to April. Finally, after six months of waiting, we were going to get our iPads!

That day, we spent two hours trying to log in to our iPads. There were many problems with logging in; about half of the students’ I.D.s and passwords wouldn’t work and they couldn’t log in at all.  About an hour into this, the Wi-Fi crashed from too many people being on the internet and no one was able to login.

We also weren’t allowed to take our iPads home because some students at other schools had failed to return them to school the next day. Apparently, the LAUSD school board had not considered that this would happen. We couldn’t bring them home, and then we couldn’t use them during school because we would need to have an extra period at the end of the day to return them. Since that extra period wouldn’t be able to fit into our schedule, we couldn’t use them during school.

It’s May 6. I still haven’t used “my” iPad. The school district clearly didn’t think this idea through well enough: there are many things that went wrong and caused this to be a disaster.

Editor’s Note: The above entry, including the title, was written by an LAUSD 7th grade student. Sue Denim is not her real name.


2 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Disaster

  1. How very tragic !! and the younger generation is “supposed” to respect their elders and school teachers and administrators — as in the Musical Theater Play – ” Lil’ Abner ” — “the country’s in the very best of hands ” ??????

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