Season of Sharing


I’ve been asking lots of people to help spread the word about The Teaching Diablogue, and I’m certainly not done asking, because we want to reach lots more people.  But, ‘tis the season of giving, so I’d like to share with you some of my favorite blogs relating to education.

  1. Mike Rose:  He’s a great writer, a great teacher, and a good friend.  His blog is full of thoughtful, complex opinions.  He currently has a series of guest posts on what to do about teacher education at The Washington Post’s Answer Sheet, which is also, by the way, a reliably informative read.  
  2. Anne Ursu: Anne is the author of a half dozen books for young readers, including The Real Boy, Breadcrumbs,  and The Shadow Thieves.  And, she’s a friend of mine from college.  She posts about all sorts of thing, but recently posted an incisive critique of Arne Duncan’s recent gaffes.
  3. Gatsby in LA:  This is a beautifully written blog by a once and future high school English teacher, who was also a successful Hollywood writer.  If you care about education in LA and enjoy great writing, check it out.  Here’s my favorite post, focused on the effect that a powerful poem had on a room full of students one day.

One thought on “Season of Sharing

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! It’s an honor to be included on the same list as Mike Rose. This sounds like a terrific blog. Measurement and teacher evaluations are among my obsessions–they’re at the core of my project this year. I’ll look forward to reading more here!

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