End Homelessness…Leave No Child Behind…


Putting my feet where my words have been, my family and I will be walking in the LA Homewalk this Saturday to raise money to end homelessness.  Here’s the link to our page in case anyone wants to support the cause with a donation.

But I’m a pretty terrible salesperson, and I can’t say that I’m convinced that the goal is doable.  Can we really end homelessness?

I guess we could, if we could all, or enough of us, agree that it was a priority.

But it’s gotten me thinking about all these audacious goals:

  • No Child Left Behind: no child will be below grade level by 2014
  • John Deasy: every student in LA will be taught by a good to great teacher
  • United Way: end homelessness in LA
  • Teach For America: One Day, all children will have an equal opportunity for an excellent education

Used judiciously, lofty goals inspire collective action.  But, used wantonly, they risk insulting the  efforts of people who have been struggling to make little differences every day, and disillusioning others who might otherwise want to pitch in and help out.


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